Let’s Play Favorites: Eyeliner Edition

A black winged cat-eye has been my beauty signature for nearly as long as I worn (and loved) makeup. Which, now that I'm 24, is a long time. So long, in fact, that the first formula I ever used, has since been discontinued. (Although you can semi-sketchily still get it on Amazon.) I'm less attached to … Continue reading Let’s Play Favorites: Eyeliner Edition

Shit, I Think I ‘Get’ Toner Now

Does anyone care about toner anymore? Well, I've got some thoughts. My on-again-off-again relationship with toner begins (as with most of my beauty discoveries) in my mom's bathroom, which I frequently looted as if it were my own personal Sephora store. Thanks, mom. As with a lot of women in the early 2000s, she relied … Continue reading Shit, I Think I ‘Get’ Toner Now

How a Trip to the DMV Became an Unexpected Makeup Lesson

I finally did it: I went on the DMV’s crunchy website (seriously, does anyone else think that looks straight out of the early ‘00s?), made an appointment, and went in to register for an official New York state license. (!) Yeah, I know - my wallet just became *that* much cooler. (Please note the sarcasm.) A very … Continue reading How a Trip to the DMV Became an Unexpected Makeup Lesson